Services We Provide

Pharmaceutical Services That Goes Beyond Your Expectations

As a specialty pharmacy, Liberty Senior Care Inc aims to bring the best healthcare services possible for our clients in Ontario, Canada. Our professionals assist in several areas, including the following:

Clinical Support: A Higher Level of Service

Typical Pharmacy

Patient visits pharmacy for medication pick up/Pharmacy delivers medication

One-way communication between pharmacist and physician

No guarantee that recommendations made by physician will be considered or implemented

Typical 3:00 PM order cut off time for same-day delivery

Medications are delivered the next day

Residents may miss a dose or have treatment changes delayed

Liberty Senior Care Pharmacy

Pharmacist can visit patients in their home

Two-way communication between pharmacist and physician as well as client’s care givers

Medication optimization is discussed, agreed upon, and implemented immediately

Medication Reconciliation

No cut off time for orders

Same-day delivery, no matter what time the order is received

Focus on client-centred care leads to no delay in treatment


Compliance Packaging

We prepare and deliver medications to our healthcare partners weekly. This prescription packaging method helps patients, such as those under long-term care or assisted living facilities, take the right dose on time.

Educational Supports

  • Scheduled educational services provided on a regular basis
  • In-services scheduled on a regular basis
  • Additional in-services can be scheduled on request
  • Topics include but not limited to (the use of inhalers, glucometers, insulin storage and administration, narcotic handling, naloxone kit usage, …..etc.)

Dispensing Fees

  • Low income seniors, Ontario Drug Plan covered drugs: $0 fee
  • High income seniors, ODB covered drugs: $4.11 per drug
  • We accept all Drug plans including government and private plans
  • We help residents receive their optimum coverage and qualify for government programs.

What We Provide

  • Dispensing medications in compliance packages.
  • Clinical pharmacist visits facility/patient for medication reviews
  • 24/7 hot line for clinical support
  • Provide the facility with a reliable way to handle and dispose of different types of medications (e.g. controlled drugs, hazardous, cytotoxic medications,....etc)
  • Educational support for patients, families and health care workers

Clinical Support

Our pharmacists train staff members on the safe administration of medicines for patients who need additional care. These personnel include medical professionals in the following settings:


Transitional Facilities

Home Care

Supportive Housing

Group Homes


24/7 Health Hotline

We make sure that our experienced professionals are available for all of your questions and concerns in case of an emergency. Feel free to get in touch with our team at any time!